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Pierre Dessert

Pierre Dessert lives in Montreal. After a long career as chef-owner of a popular bistro in Plateau Mont-Royal, he now devotes himself to the visual arts. Watercolorist, painter and comic book author, he is also a sculptor in his spare time. Passionate self-taught, he followed several training courses in recognized schools. He is also a faithful participant in live model workshops. His attention to shapes and colors, his application to illustrating the world around him, has taken on a maturity over the years that engages us at first sight.

Pierre Dessert sees emotion in all things. The everyday fascinates him, the extraordinary seduces him and between the two, the ordinary surprises him. Nothing leaves him indifferent. Urban or rural landscapes, faces and bodies catch his intimate gaze which he transposes into a vision beyond the personal. His proposals are both real and dreamlike, which gives them a false air of déjà vu. He invites you to explore his world.