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Mona Cicciovan

Mona Ciciovan is a visual artist of Romanian origin. Oscillating between abstraction and figuration, his bold compositions and vibrant colors capture attention instantly. A graduate in visual arts from the University of Montreal, Mona Ciciovan then continued her studies at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), where she obtained a bachelor's degree in visual and media arts. His talent and his contribution to the promotion of Quebec culture in Romania have been rewarded with numerous distinctions.

Mona Mariana Ciciovan's artistic approach is distinguished by its in-depth exploration of memory, the perception of images and places that have shaped her life. His artistic work is imbued with a ceaseless quest for aesthetics, beauty and harmony, with a constant desire to idealize his own universe. Mona draws her inspiration from the depths of her memory, revisiting the memories and visual impressions that have marked her journey. His works are halfway between the abstract and the figurative, oscillating between the real and the imaginary. They reveal an urban landscape imbued with a metaphorical and poetic sense, where architectural elements blend harmoniously with suggestive shapes.