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Anto (Antonine Rodier)

Originally from Saint-Hyacinthe, the artist now lives near Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. It was around the age of 12 that she began oil painting. Rather self-taught, classical in style, she perfected her training with different artists, then academies. Since 1995, she has devoted herself entirely to painting.

His main source of inspiration: light. Classical in style, she considers the study of the subject to be very important. There is therefore a long preparation before applying the paint. The subjects that particularly thrill her are horses, architecture, old buildings, as well as night scenes. It mainly uses cotton canvas, solid wood and wood panels as supports, as well as acid-free papers. She favors oil, but also uses watercolor, dry pastel and egg tempera. Expressing himself through different themes, we find in his scenes a great attention to detail and a lot of luminosity characteristic of his art.